BroncoDirect/PeopleSoft: Advisor Help

Accessing the Advisor Center through BroncoDirect/PeopleSoft

  1. Go to
    1. Click the "Click Here" button.
  2. The Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise login page will appear.
    1. Enter your BroncoName.
    2. Enter your BroncoPassword.
    3. Click Sign In to log in.

      Bd login01.gif

  3. Click the BroncoDirect link located at the top of the menu.

    Bd login02.gif

  4. Find the Advisor Self Services folder.

    Bd advisor01.gif

    • Click Admission Information to find admission information, test scores and a checklist summary.
      • Search by Student ID or Name.

        Bd advisor02.gif

      • Search results display Admissions Summary, Test Scores and a Checklist Summary.

        Bd advisor02a.gif

    • Click Learning Management to find the Course Catalog, Schedule of Classes and the Advisor Center (to access your advisee roster and view advisee details).

      Bd advisor03.gif

      • To access your advisee roster and view advisee details, click Advisor Center.

        Bd advisor03a.gif

        Bd advisor03b.gif

    • Click Service Indicator Information to get to Holds.
      • Search by student ID or name to bring up Manage Service Indicators.

        Note: This same page can be accessed via the Advisor Center.

        Bd advisor04.gif

  5. When you are finished, click Sign Out in the upper right corner to log out.

    Bd login03.gif


Video Tutorials

Note: Although the home page and screen shots in some of the following videos have changed slightly, the information is still accurate.


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