Identity Management: Account Claiming

Claiming Your BroncoID Account

Note: If you are new user, read the eHelp Account Claiming Info page for specific details on your particular account claiming process before following the directions below to claim your account.

  1. Access Cal Poly Pomona’s Identity Management System by using an Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer) to go to the page: My Control Panel.
  2. The Account Claiming login page will appear.
    1. Enter your BroncoNumber..

      Note: Go to the eHelp ID Management Account Claiming Info page for information on how you should have obtained your BroncoNumber and claim code.

    2. Enter your Claim Code.
    3. After reading Cal Poly Pomona’s Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology, place a checkmark next to the “I accept the Appropriate Use Policy box."


    4. Click Continue.
  3. The Identity Verification and BroncoPassword Creation sections will appear.
    1. Enter the correct responses to all identity-verification questions (the questions in the sample below may not be the same questions as the ones you are asked).
    2. Enter a BroncoPassword that meets the provided password guidelines.
    3. Retype BroncoPassword to ensure accuracy.
      1. A green checkmark will appear to the right of the new password box if your BroncoPassword meets the password guidelines.
    4. Click Continue.


  4. Read the brief Secret Questions message.

    Idm img claiming04.gif

    1. Click Continue.
  5. The Secret Questions set-up page will appear.
    1. Select the number of secret questions (three is the minimum and five is the maximum) you’d like to create as protection for your BroncoPassword by choosing that number from the drop-down list.
    2. Enter the appropriate number of questions (either by choosing from the list of questions provided or by entering your own) along with the corresponding answers.


    3. Click Continue.


  6. Read the brief SMS Text Messaging Password Reset Option message.

    Note: The SMS Password Reset Option allows you to send a reset token to your mobile device if you have forgotten your BroncoPassword.


    1. Choose one of the following:
      1. If you would like to enable the SMS Text Message reset option, click the Set up SMS button.
      2. Or, click the Finish without SMS setup button.
  7. The SMS Password set-up page will appear.
    1. If a mobile phone number already exists for you in BroncoDirect, you can select the Use Number in BroncoDirect option.
    2. Or, if the mobile phone number you have listed in BroncoDirect is incorrect or if you prefer to use a different mobile phone number, click the Use Other Phone Number radio button.
      1. Enter the ten-digit phone number.

        Note: This option is not available to International mobile phones.

    3. Click Continue.


  8. The identity claiming process is complete when you see the Success screen.