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What is it?

Heartbleed is a flaw in open-source software called OpenSSL, which is widely used on many websites to secure Web communications. Heartbleed is not a virus or malware, but a vulnerability in the code.

What does it do?

Heartbleed undermines Web encryption, allowing attackers to gain access to users' passwords and fool them into using bogus versions of Web sites. It can reveal the contents of a server's memory, where sensitive data is stored, such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

What is being done?

IT@CPP is quickly remedying all university systems that have this code.

What can I do?

While there is no report of a misuse of campus credentials, IT@CPP recommends that faculty and staff who have access to confidential information change their BroncoPassword at their earliest convenience.


For more information about Heartbleed, see CNET's Heartbleed bug article.

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