Networks: Internet Bandwidth for Resnet Users

Bandwidth refers to the amount of information that can flow across the campus network.  The more bandwidth used, the more resources that are required (faster network switching equipment, additional connections to the Internet, etc.). Network bandwidth at Cal Poly Pomona is a shared resource - every user impacts another user. Resnet (Residential Network) is a large local area network (LAN) provided by Cal Poly Pomona to serve the personal computers of students in the residence halls. Bandwidth usage in Cal Poly Pomona's residence halls has grown over the past several years. To allow each person to have an equal share of network resources, particularly Internet access, bandwidth in the residence halls is managed on a per user basis. Resnet bandwidth users are allocated up to 768Kbps uploads and 3Mbps downloads. These numbers do not guarantee that every user in the residence halls will always obtain these speeds, particularly during peak usage. Additionally, these speeds only regulate traffic to the Internet. Communication between and within the residence halls is not limited per user.