Pharos Printing and Copying System: Lab & Remote Printing


Cal Poly Pomona uses a print management system called Pharos to manage printing and copy services on campus in the University Library (including the 24-hour lab) and the I&IT-managed computing labs (98-C5-12/13 and 97-121).  This service provides the campus community with quality printing via local computers in the areas mentioned above or via the convenience of their own computers (desktop or laptop), and is designed to conserve resources by discouraging wasteful printing. The Pharos print management system allows the campus community to print research information as well as assignments for a nominal amount. This amount helps to cover the cost of providing this service to the campus.

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If you're ready to install Pharos onto your computer, see the Pharos Installation tutorial at (Pharos can be installed on either a PC or Macintosh computer): Pharos Printing and Copying System Set-Up Guide.

Paying for Printing

NOTE: DO NOT create a guest account at the Kiosk when adding money if you have a current BroncoName and BroncoPassword. Log into your BroncoAccount and add money to that account.

To pay for printing via the Pharos system is a two-step process of creating an electronic account and paying for the print jobs.

Creating an Electronic Account:

You can create an electronic account by either putting money into your BroncoName account (recommended), adding money to your BroncoCard or, if you are a guest, creating a guest account.

Putting Money into Your BroncoName Account

  1. Log in with your BroncoName and BroncoPassword in any of the four kiosks located on campus. The kiosk credits an “electronic” account that is tied to your BroncoName and BroncoPassword.

    Notes:The kiosk touch screen might not be keystroke sensitive, so be sure to apply pressure to each keystroke. If you miss a letter or make a mistake, you need to use the backspace key.

    Additionally, if you need to use the Shift key because your password contains capitals or special characters, hit the shift key once to enable it (the Shift key will be lit green when it is enabled). You do not need to hold it down.

  2. The bill acceptor slot (located to the right, beneath the touch screen) will be lit green when it is ready to receive your money.
    1. If it is lit red, do not try to insert your money.

Adding Money to Your BroncoCard

Money can be added to your BroncoCard only through The Foundation. Information on how to add money to your BroncoCard can be found at:

Create a Guest Account

Note: This option is only available through the University Library kiosk.

If you add money on a guest account, you cannot log on to the release station with your BroncoName and BroncoPassword to release the job. You MUST log on with the guest username and password to release your print jobs until that money is used.

All money put into the kiosk can only be used for printing or copy services. However, it can be used at any printer or copy machine that is on the Pharos system regardless of the location.

Paying for the Actual Print Jobs

To find out how to send/submit your print job(s) to the printer, see Printing with Pharos.

  1. After you've submitted/sent your print job(s), go to the BroncoCard release station or Pharos release station (located in the same workstation space along with the printer you've selected). 
  2. At the Pharos Release Station, enter your BroncoName and BroncoPassword, or at the BroncoCard Release Station, swipe your BroncoCard.
  3. Find your print job(s) in the queue list, and select the one you want to release to the printer.

    Note: Optional - If you take a few moments to study the screen, you'll note different options to organize your print jobs.

  4. Enter the print job password that you set earlier.
  5. The print job will be released to the printer you selected earlier.

    Note: If you accidentally submitted/sent a print job that you don't wish to release, you can leave it in the print queue, and it will automatically be deleted in 24 hours.

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Printing / Copying Costs

  • Ten cents (10¢) a copy for black and white printing/copying.
  • Fifty-five cents (55¢) a copy for color printing/copying.
  • Twenty cents (20¢) a copy for 11x17 paper size; black and white printing/copying.
    • Note: Only available in the College of Engineering.


All refunds require a receipt. To see what type of issues qualify for a receipt, see the Pharos FAQs page at: Pharos Printing and Copying System FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Since I&IT-managed computer labs are only available for student use (see the Intro above for the locations of the computer labs), students can only add money to their electronic accounts, which can be accessed by entering their BroncoName and BroncoPassword.

Printing from your own computer with Pharos

NOTE: Known issues - Pharos has difficulty printing PDF files. For the PDF file printing workaround, see the Pharos FAQs page.

Once the Pharos Client is installed on your computer, you will see all available printers in your "Printers and Faxes" window.

Computinglabs images pharos pharos04.gif

  1. Select Print.
    1. Select the printer you want to use (color, black and white, etc…).

      Note: Below are the locations for Pharos printers, copiers and kiosks in the University Library:

      Black and White Printers (6):  2nd Floor (2), 4th Floor, 5th Floor, 6th Floor and the 24-Hour Computer Lab
      Color Printer (1):  2nd floor
      Black and White Copiers (2):  2nd Floor and 4th Floor
      Color Copier (1):  2nd Floor
      Pharos Kiosks: 2nd Floor

    2. Send your job to the printer
  2. When a print job is submitted, the Pharos Print Job Details pop-up window will appear.
    1. Enter a name for the print job.
    2. Enter a password for the print job.

      Notes: The password is to ensure that you are the only one who can release your job to print because your account will be charged accordingly.

      If you forget your print job password, it is not recoverable.

      It is recommended that you do not use your BroncoPassword.

    3. Click Print.
      1. Be cognizant of the location of your print jobs to ensure retrieval.
      2. If you accidentally submitted/sent a print job that you don't wish to release, you can leave it in the print queue and it will automatically be deleted in 24 hours.

        Computinglabs images pharos pharos05.gif

  3. Retrieve your print job at the location it was submitted.
  4. There will be a release station that will allow you to release your print job if money is available on your account to pay for it.
    1. To find out how to pay for your print job(s) at the release station, see the section titled Paying for Printing.

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