Report a Security Incident

The University Information Security Office is the central contact for all computer and network security and abuse issues at Cal Poly Pomona.

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Computer & Network Security Incidents

For compromised computers, security incidents or suspected compromises, please disconnect the computer from the network and contact the Help Desk immediately at X6776 or 909.869.6776.

When reporting the breach, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Telephone Number
  3. An Alternate Telephone Number
  4. Your Location (Building and Room Number)

Additionally, for extensive network security incidents, please be prepared for the possibility of providing the following information:

  1. The date/time and a complete description of the incident.
  2. The IP addresses of all the computers involved.
  3. Security measures implemented before the incident occurred.
  4. The steps taken after the incident occurred.
  5. All logs from the computer.
  6. Any other information that you feel is relevant to the investigation.

Online Harassment & Abuse

To report an incident of online harassment or abuse, send an email message to Abuse. Make sure to include log files with time zone information or complete message headers.


To manage email spam, visit:

Spam: Managing Email Spam.

Report Spam

If you are receiving large amounts of unsolicited email, you can report it to the Help Desk where it will be reported to the appropriate authorities. You can forward the SPAM to and it must include the full headers from the email. For instructions on how to find the headers visit SpamCop.

Physical Security

If you are a Cal Poly Pomona student and have questions or concerns about your physical security and well-being, please contact the appropriate number below. If you feel that you are being threatened and need immediate assistance, please dial 911.

University Police Department
909.869.3070 (non-emergency; business line)
909.869.3399 (anonymous tip line)