Telephone Services

IT@CPP serves the campus voice and data infrastructure needs. Specifically, IT Systems provides services that include all of the campus' telephones, fax lines and voice and data wiring whereas IT Projects & Support provides services that include the campus information operators.

Transitioning to the Cisco Phone System

IT@CPP staff will be transitioning Avaya phones to the new Cisco phone system.

What to expect once your phone has been replaced:

  • Internal and external calls to your campus phone number will be directed to your Cisco phone.
  • Your old Avaya phone will no longer work; it will get dial tone but you can only dial “0” for the operator. Note: The Telecom Team will be collecting your Avaya phone.
  • Any voicemail stored in Avaya will stay in Avaya.

    Note: Voice mail messages from the Avaya system cannot be forwarded or transferred to the Cisco system.

  • Calls from Avaya phone users will only display the calling number, not the caller's name. However, calls from Cisco phone users will display the caller's name.
  • Your voice mail will be enabled in the new Cisco phone system.
    • To access/set up your voice mail for the first time:
      1. Press the “envelope” icon button on your phone or dial X4777.
      2. When accessing your Cisco voice mail for the first time, the default access code is 2257.
      3. Once you log in, you will be able to personalize your voice mail greeting and change the access code.

        NOTE: The system will not allow you to set a "trivial" PIN/access code (one that can be guessed easily). The following PIN/access codes are not allowed:

        • The PIN cannot match the numeric representation of the first or last name of the user.
        • The PIN cannot contain the primary extension or alternate extensions of the user.
        • The PIN cannot contain the reverse of the primary extension or alternate extensions of the user.
        • The PIN cannot contain groups of repeated digits, such as "408408" or "123123."
        • The PIN cannot contain only two different digits, such as "121212."
        • A digit cannot be used more than two times consecutively (for example, "28883").
        • The PIN cannot be an ascending or descending group of digits (for example, "012345" or "987654").
        • The PIN cannot contain a group of numbers that are dialed in a straight line on the keypad when the group of digits equals the minimum credential length that is allowed (for example, if 3 digits is allowed, the user could not use "123," "456," or "789" as a PIN).

      4. For specific phone model reference guides and voice mail commands, see eHelp’s Telephone Instructions page.

Telephone Services

Finding a Phone Number

Your one-stop shop for telephone directory services is Bronco411 at (link opens in a new window). Here you can search for people or organizations.

Bronco 411 PDF Phone Book

You can also download a PDF phone book.

Using Your Telephone and Voicemail

For a Telephone System User Guide, see eHelp's Quick Start Phone System Guide [.pdf, 42.2 KB].

For instructions on specific phone models, see eHelp's Telephone Guides page.

For voicemail instructions, see eHelp's Voice Mail page.

Note: You must have Adobe Reader to open and view all PDF files with full functionality. To download Adobe Reader, visit (link opens in a new window).

Telephone Call Collection

Monthly charges for telephone calls for division and departments will be available on the Web, the 15th of each month for prior month telephone billing. Changes affecting the billing, such as department account number and names must be submitted in writing no later than the 1st of the month. To access the call accounting reports, visit the Sierra Gold Virtual Telemanagement System site at (link opens in a new window).

If you have questions or difficulties accessing the Web for your charges, you may call Rita Haerr at X6343.

Other Services

Adding or Changing Phones and Lines

To place an IT@CPP Work Order, visit (link opens in a new window).

Note: The page is password protected. To access, you will need to enter your BroncoName and BroncoPassword.

(800) Line Service and Private Line Service

An email must be submitted with management approval for 800 and private-line services. For 800 line service, the request must indicate if the line is to be used for out-of-state calling or in-state calling and which extension number will be the termination point. For further information, contact Rita Haerr at X6343.