Wireless Access


Wireless networking technology allows specially equipped computers to access Cal Poly Pomona's Local Area Network without the need for a physically wired connection.

This service will allow users to browse the Internet and send and receive email without the need for a physical network connection. Cal Poly Pomona provides two wireless networks:

  • CPP – This network requires security authentication, with a Cal Poly Pomona user name and network password (explained in these pages). It provides access to almost all the services that are available on campus wired networks.
  • GUEST – This network can be used by people connecting wirelessly on campus who do not have Cal Poly Pomona usernames and network passwords. It allows basic web browsing and VPN connections. It does not allow users to send mail via SMTP. The GUEST network is set up in the same way as the CPP network – just enter GUEST as network name. It does not require a password.

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